Public Policy


  1. Get involved! Become the team leader on one of the Public Policy goals
  2. Volunteer! Complete one actionable step
  3. Plug in! Look for details via email.




  • Be in The Know: Position as expert/ resource – on WBO (not issues) -  owning data force on policy, empowering women to be the voice for their own WBO experience (impact of the issues)
  • Connect: Build relationships with legislators and organizations to find opportunities to work together and influence policy
  • Shape Public Policy: Engagement – Education through Experience


  • BiParitsian: Know Nationally!
  • Collaboration: Civility, Respect and willingness to work together
  • Voice: Woman business owners bring value to the policy conversation, shaping how policy discussion impacts woman business owners & their businesses

Aligned with Iowa Chapter Plan

Goal 1:  Connect
Develop relationships

  • Strategy 1: Call on legislators, Public policy women leaders (50/50), and organizations(NFIB + Chambers) to start relationships around shared mission

  • Strategy 2: Invite legislators, leaders & organizations to attend events – Identify events with programs, develop communication strategy with communications (email, mail, call)

  • Strategy 3: Point people for organizations: DSM Partnership PP, WIPP, United State of Women, NEXUS, WE council

Goal 2:  Inform
Be in The Know

  • Strategy 1: Discover chapter's business issues
    - Survey members statewide, WE council
              > Survey own status of women business owners in Iowa (relevant, up to date) - (own the information and become the expert about it.  Credible space to be a part of the conversation)  - 2020 data release (LT goal)

  • Strategy 2: Promote & attend legislative events and news
    - Create calendar with other annual events & organizations.  Decide which events are import for us to attend. Also suggest and plan chapter events & Webinars
              > Annual Statewide event – Public Policy Day on the Hill - Post election meet-&-greet (know each others priorities and opportunities to work together)
              > Satellite ideas & support

Goal 3:  Engage
Shape Public Policy

  • Strategy 1:  hot issues update & national positions – research & develop local chapter positions

  • Strategy 2: Local and Federal legislation impacting WBO
    - Small Business council
    - Information source on an existing bill/organization