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NAWBO Iowa Business Institute Q&A – Rina Jensen

NAWBO Iowa officially launched its Business Institute on July 14, 2020. The first cohort will meet monthly through January 2021, with the end goal to create a Growth Action Plan. Every month, we will highlight a member of the NAWBO Iowa Business Institute in a Q&A format. For more information about the Business Institute, click here.

Rina Jensen is a resiliency coach who works with individuals and small businesses to help them build confidence and the life they want. Her work focuses on developing responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to reduce stress. She supports her clients in recovering  more quickly from setbacks and improving their relationships through coaching, speaking, and workshops. 

What is your background?

I grew up in Cedar Rapids and received my degree in business. I spent 20 years of my adult life working in credit and collections. I In 2012, I decided to quit my job and pursue something bigger and better. I had no plan and no idea what that bigger and better thing was. However, I knew whatever I ended up doing, I had to be learning, be a source of happiness, and be giving back to the community.

I worked at New York Life for a few years while I figured it out. During this time, I hired two business coaches, but neither really helped me achieve my goals.

It was during this time I learned about  Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs. ACEs impact our mental and physical health in adulthood. Once I understood this, I understood underlying issues holding me back from my goals

What is your business?

I started offering business coaching in 2017, and I based my practice on helping clients build resilience and mental fitness within the context of their business. I have certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, positive intelligence, neurolinguistic programing, mindfulness, and more.

I am a disrupter by nature, and I love stirring the pot to create new thought processes and perceptions. I view my role as doing that for people. I love helping people get their thoughts in line with what they want to achieve. What keeps me going is seeing how I am helping them succeed and grow in their happiness. 

I am also part of “You Conferences” — events that connect driven women in eastern Iowa with the community, resources, and support needed to focus on achieving success. Our intention is to give attendees the confidence to grow — first within themselves, within their community, and then as far as their hearts can dream. We are working to build “You Academy,” a series of sessions that will invite one-woman businesses to embrace entrepreneurship through mindfulness, internal insight, and disruption of their own status quo.

What do you hope to gain from the NAWBO Iowa Business Institute?

What I hope to gain is different from when I signed up. When we started, I had hoped to gain the knowledge to build a firmer foundation and plan for my business. Since then, my purpose in the Business Institute has shifted to build relationships with other women in business. I hope that, together, we can better figure out how to incorporate the “soft skills” of business — confidence, resilience, creativity — into our businesses.

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