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Three productivity tips for remote work

We know many of you have been forced to work remotely to keep your businesses up and operating during this time of social distancing. Working from home comes with a litany of distractions, making it very hard to focus.

So, while you get settled in for a hard day of work, here are a few tips you can use to stay locked in and boost your productivity while working from home.  

Stick to a relatively similar schedule

At first, working from home seems like a blessing. You don’t have to drive to an office every day or really move all that much. But after a while, that can lead to some bad habits, particularly when it comes to scheduling out your day.

Our suggestion is to schedule your day similar a day at the office. Get up at the same time, work out, shower and arrive at your workstation at the same time you’d arrive at your office desk. Take a lunch break at your normal time — you get the point.

Obviously, there’s a lot of room for flexibility here. If there are distractions you can’t ignore, like children, try to make up those hours lost at a later time. The key is trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy to keep your brain in tip-top working shape.

Turn off distractions

Everything at home seems like a distraction — the television, family, food. Try and tune out those distractions by finding an enclosed office space. Keep your phone away (if you can!) to limit the number of notifications and texts incoming.

If you work at home with a family, consider finding creative ways to limit distractions. Put up a sign saying “Hard at Work” on your office door. Or set aside a few hours where family members aren’t allowed to distract you. Not everything will be ideal, but fewer distractions mean more productivity.

Give yourself breaks — and enjoy

Not everything has to be work, work, work — nor should it be. To keep your sanity and productivity high, take breaks. Take a lunch, go for an occasional walk, do something. No one is around to stop you from working, and overworking yourself can actually hurt your mental health and long-term productivity. Build small breaks into your schedules, and pick a time to “clock out.” Try to avoid email or work calls during your breaks or when you’re off the clock.

Yes, working from home can bring struggles. But hopefully, this guide gives you some good tips to stay locked in. Above all, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.